Window Coverings: Being Familiar with Fabrics Verse Materials

Fabrics and materials, upon trying to compare the two, can be quite confusing. For instance, comparing curtains from different manufacturers is a challenge because of the way each company describes their product. Basically, both of those words get used frequently. When it comes to the public, many call a shirt a fabric when it is actually made from a fabric. At the same time; it is made from cotton. Is this confusing yet? Under the term fabric, you have a product that was developed from the spinning and weaving a material. In addition, it can be several materials. There is no set number of materials required to form a fabric. Therefore, that shirt started out as cotton fiber materials, then got spun and woven together to become a fabric, then got sewn together to become a shirt.

A fabric can be named from either the materials used or a design applied to it. This can be confusing for the most part, but can make it easier if you use fabrics regularly. Chenille is composed of cotton, olefin, or even acrylic materials. On top of that, satin fabric comes from nylon or silk materials, or even both. On the design side of things, damask is composed of cotton and identified by small raised dots on one side of the fabric.

With the immense list of fabrics available today, it would be best to understand the materials used so that you have a better idea what each fabric’s strengths and weaknesses are. Each of the advantages, as well as the disadvantages of a fabric is derived from the properties of the materials/fibers used. So understanding material benefits and drawbacks will help you find a good match.

Therefore, a fabric cannot come into existence without materials. The room may have appeal because you dedicate time to keeping it up and doing all the housekeeping or hiring a maid service, but the curtains can either take away or accent the theme of the room and the appeal. Aside from that, money cannot be saved without dependable products. Curtains carry a lot of weight in visual appeal within any room, so be sure to choose the right fabrics and materials that not only look good, but also suit your needs.

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