When Not Doing Housekeeping Tasks, Here's Some Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

3081-101413-gs3081It can be easy for housework to overwhelm at any time of the year, especially during the holiday season. If you are having extra company come to stay and celebrate the season, it can feel like you are suddenly on the housekeeping Olympic team! That's when calling professionals like The Maids is a life saver. It is important for you to take some breaks and enjoy the season along with your guests. Here are some fun and easy decorating ideas you can incorporate into your daily routine:

Use window markers and create a winter scene on your windows. Simply write words like Joy, Peace, Love and Merry Christmas.

Make homemade decorations from favorite scraps of fabric and old kids' clothes and baby blankets. Simple patterns to freehand include: hearts, birds, stars, and trees. You don't need a sewing machine; a simple needle and thread will do wonders.

Popcorn and cranberry strings for decorating the inside tree or an outdoor one for the birds and squirrels.

Make a batch of salt dough and use your cookie cutters for some great ornaments that will dry as hard as rock. You can bake them in the oven or simply let them sit on your heat registers for a day or two. Paint and embellish when they are done.

Create stained glass art with tissue paper scraps and construction paper.

Holiday baking is always a treat. Try some cut-out cookies, shortbread, bars, butter tarts, mincemeat pies, and pudding truffle desserts.

Make homemade chocolate with baking chocolate and some molds. Put into a decorative tin when finished. Keep a spare in the freezer as a quick gift for unexpected company.

Make hand - print Santa's and reindeer with the kids.

Customize your own advent calendar. Use old baby socks or other personal treasures for a unique decoration you will love to put up every year!

Make a centerpiece for the table by collecting pine cones, twigs, and pieces of wood, rocks or shells from outside.

Hot-glue some beads or Christmas bows to plain candles.

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