Vinegar is a super item that you must have in your home. It comes in both white and apple cider vinegar versions. If you do not have it in your home, you should definitely consider buying. Below are the very many ways vinegar can be used in your home.

You have a problem trying to unclog and deodorize drains. Then vinegar is the solution you looking for. The good thing about vinegar and unclogging is that unlike other commercial drain cleaners, vinegar is very much gentler on your pipes and is also pocket friendly. All you need to do is using a funnel pour in a half cup of baking soda followed by one cup of vinegar into the drain you want unclogged. Once foaming has stopped, flush with hot water and after sometime flush again with cold water. This not only unclogs your drain but also washes away the bacteria that causes odor.

White vinegar is very effective with the removal of mildew stains. It is safe to use on like all surfaces be it clothing, furniture, bathroom tiles and many more. When mildew accumulation is heavy, use it without diluting but for stains that are light dilute it with an equal water amount.

It is used to clean fixtures made of stainless steel in your home. All you have to do is apply misting of white vinegar from a recycled spray bottle onto the fixture. This is done with the vinegar undiluted. To bring out the brightness on the surface simply buff with a soft cloth and you are good to go.

Do you have some pure silver jewelry or any silverware that you would like to have shine and look all new? Vinegar will help you with that. Simply soak them in a mixture containing a half-cup of vinegar and two tablespoons of baking powder. Keep them soaked for about two to three hours and then rinse them under cold water and dry them well with a soft cloth and they are as good as new.

The blades of your scissors may at some point become sticky, you should never use water to get rid of this stickiness because water will only make the fastener which holds the blades together rusty or even the blades themselves .You should instead wipe the blades with a cloth that has been dipped in undiluted vinegar and then dry them off with a cloth.

Maybe you have a closet that you are not so pleased with how it smells. Vinegar can freshen it up. Start with emptying everything inside the closet and then thoroughly wash it with a cloth that has been dipped in a solution of one-cup ammonia, one-cup vinegar, quarter cup baking soda and 3.7 liters of water. Closet should remain open until it is dry.

Vinegar is cheap yet very useful in your home in so many ways. Buy vinegar today you need it and you will be happy with how useful it will be.

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