Tips on How to Remove Mold from Your House

chiccondoMold is a common problem in homes. It is very important to get rid of mold as soon as you discover it as the spores can compromise quality of air inside your home, and inhalation of contaminated air can lead to numerous health complications such as allergies and other respiratory diseases. Here are some tips on how to get rid of the mold in your home:

Fix Moisture Problems

Mold thrives best in moist environments. Hence, you need to first fix this problem by drying the walls and areas around where it is present. Also make sure there are no water leaks present behind the walls. Sewer backups, leaky roofs, leaky air conditioning ducts and faulty taps are also some of the common sources of moisture.

Get Rid of Moldy Materials

Incorrect handling of these materials will not only stir up spores but also spread them in your house. Due to their small size, one square foot of wall can comfortably accommodate 300 million mold spores. Hence, you need to invest in the right equipment and safety attire to protect yourself from the spores. Some of the required safety accessories include quality cartridge-type respirators or dust masks, goggles and hand gloves. Also, ventilation grilles should be closed using polyethylene sheeting and duct tape to lock of wind that could end up blowing the spores to other unaffected parts of the house. Lastly, drilling holes in dry walls and removing lower sections will also help in ensuring that the inner walls dries out completely. However, you also may have to hire a mold removal service if it is too much.

While these are some tips on getting rid of mold in your home, there are also simple ways of avoiding mold growth to begin with as well. The Maids of Plainfield, in Illinois, can assist you with your housekeeping needs and help you avoid mold growth.

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