Tips on How to Make Kids Clean Their Room

Every parent out there, or those who have kids living with them, knows that house cleaning in a child's room can be difficult. In fact, even when you just cleaned the kids’ room a couple of hours ago, you’re probably often surprised at how fast they can scatter their things again while they’re playing, turning it into a disaster. Some parents ask their kids to clean up their mess after, but this can often be a challenge as well. However, just think about this: if you could incorporate some fun during “cleanup time,” your little munchkins might even volunteer to clean their own mess!

Turn Cleanup Time to Fun Time

How can you do this? Start by making cleanup time a part of your kid's daily/nighttime routine. Instead of making it seem like a chore, turn it into something fun. For instance, ask your kids how fast they can tidy their room, and if they manage to finish it within the allotted time, they'll win a prize. By doing this, what seemed to be a chore could turn out into a fun game instead. Likewise, they'll learn how to be organized, and it's a skill that would be quite useful as they grow up.

Organize Things Creatively

Try to find the best ways to help your kids organize their things. A lot of retail stores sell cubbies, bins, shelves, chests, bookcases, and baskets that are colorful and kid-friendly. Having this kind of storage would even motivate your kids to arrange their rooms and keep it tidy. Label the storage items for classification purposes, such as

  • Puzzles
  • Ponies
  • Action figures

This will help your kids—and even yourself—to have an idea where to put the things during cleanup time.

No Need to Throw Away

Aside from this, you could gather up the toys, books, and other stuff that your kids might not need anymore and let them decide which toys they want to keep. As you do this, you'll be surprised how many items your kids grew out of years ago. Though don't throw away these things just yet—you could either have a garage sale or donate them to a charity organization.

Helping your kids learn to be organized and help with the house cleaning at an early age is important, and if you’re in the Plainfield, Illionis area and need a hand yourself at keeping everything neat for them and for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with The Maids Plainfield.

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