Renew Your Rooms with New Interior Moulding

Dedicating time to housekeeping does pay off, but things like damaged, cracked, warped, or faded interior moulding can hinder the visual appeal, as well as your efforts. Moulding is also known as trim or molding without the “u.” Installing new moulding can lift the visual appeal and make your cleaning efforts more worthwhile. When looking at moulding, materials, finish, and design are all important elements to understand in order to find the right match for your needs.

When it comes to materials, moulding is widely available in oak, pine, poplar, cedar, composite, vinyl, polyurethane, etc. Oak is a strong wood, which adds durability and sheer beauty with its wood grain. Pine is a more affordable option and has a luxurious wood grain look too. Poplar is a softer wood that is less expensive, but is prone to damage and dents more. Cedar is more expensive, but adds the luxurious look of natural wood and is insect repellant. Composite, polyurethane, and vinyl moulding are easier to clean, but are more noticeable when it comes to scuffs.

In additions to understanding materials, the finishes are also important to know. Moulding is available in finished, unfinished, and primed options. Finished trim is already painted or stained and is ready to install. Primed trim is ready to paint whatever you desire. Unfinished adds more time, but also adds the advantage of choosing any paint or any stain you want.

Lastly, design is an important element to understand when preparing to shop for your moulding needs. Plain moulding is somewhat flat, but has a slight curve to it, where the bottom is thicker than the top. Aside from that, you can choose from many different designs, including circular patterns, square patterns, wavy patterns, line patterns, or a mixture of any of these within one pattern.

Now that you understand the most important information about moulding, if you didn’t already, you can find what you truly desire and make that house work more worthwhile by increasing visual appeal!

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