Removing Chewing Gum from Carpets

Chewing gum is a favorite pastime for many but more often than not, the gum inadvertently ends up on your carpet. Removing this gum from the carpet can be quite the hassle but don’t worry!

Follow our simple guidelines below:

As soon as you find gum on your carpet, you should place a bag of ice over it, but make sure the gum does not get wet in the process. The idea is to make the gum as hard as possible on the surface of the carpet. After waiting about 30 minutes or so, check the gum to see if it has turned hard. If the gum is indeed hard, get a knife or a fork and scrap it off. The gum should come right off without any problems. This method is by far the simplest to use as all you need is ice in a bag.

Another method is to use eucalyptus oil. Apply a small amount of eucalyptus oil onto a piece of cloth. Rub the chewing gum with the dampened piece of cloth until you're certain the entire chewing gum has been rubbed with the oil. Next, fetch a knife or any metal object with a sharp edge and scrap it off. This method works really well but finding eucalyptus oil might be troublesome.

A dryer can also be used to help you clear chewing gum off your carpet. Before using the dryer, take a piece of plastic wrap or thin cloth and hold it with one hand. Next, use the dryer at full capacity over the gum and simultaneously pull the gum with the wrap/cloth. If you still see gum stains after removing the gum as much as possible, you can use any product that contains methyl salicylate to completely rid your carpet of gum. All you have to do is just apply the product onto the gum stain and rub it off with a cloth.

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