Natural House Cleaning and Organizing Checklist

Homeowners need to regularly clean and maintain their homes so that they can stay hygienic. Nevertheless, it’s recommendable to use organic products during this process so as to avoid the side effects associated with chemical cleaning agents. Below is an effective Natural House Cleaning and Organizing Checklist. It can be used by first-time home owners.

  1. Pick up small items or clutter from the floor and move them to more appropriate areas.
  2. Open your windows wide for ventilation or switch on the air-filter if you own one.
  3. Dust furniture sets using a moist rag material or microfiber fabric, remember to start with the highest points since they contain less dust as you slowly move down to lower points. Also take note to remove dust from fan blades and light appliances found in the room.
  4. Spot clean any blemishes found on the furniture using some baking soda and clean water, you may also use a damp rag and castile soap if that’s what you have.
  5. Lamps can be cleaned using microfiber clothes or some damp all-purpose cleaner. Moreover, a mild hydrogen peroxide spray can be applied to clean the white lampshades.
  6. Gently remove the window blinds and wash them with mild vinegar and warm water, you can also use old rags and pure white vinegar.
  7. Wipe all electronic appliances and screens using some clean microfiber fabric, repeat the same process for doors, switch plates, walls and doors and handles.
  8. One should also remember to work on non-conspicuous spots such as utility closets, office spaces and linen closets. They tend to accumulate dirt faster than other places within the home since they are hidden and lack proper aeration.

The frequency of cleaning your house depends on how dusty the surrounding is, the procedure can either be done daily or weekly. Moreover, there are also some machines that can be used to make work easier such as the vacuum cleaner.

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