My New Washing Machine has a Funny Smell

The scent of musk and mildew assaulted me when I opened the washer. I was shocked. The clothes were not left to sit in there over night, or even for an hour. I was upstairs eating breakfast while I let the machine run.

So why did my brand new washing machine have a funky smell? I'd had it less than two weeks, how could I have ruined it already? It could not be my fault.
Before I called the manufacturer I decide to do some research. It turns out I'm not alone! Several women had the same problem, and they told me why. They also knew how to fix it.
The problem is that new models of washing machines are more complex than their predecessors. It's ironic that I bought it for the very reason that it was giving me problems.

Since it is more complex, my washing machine has more hidden nooks and crannies in it than the old one does. It requires extra care and a more proactive laundry system from me. The water and soaps I had been using worked great in my old machine but were causing a build up of bio-foam inside the new one. The low water levels in the high efficiency machine could not reach all the residue splattered above the fill line, so it built up into a problematic, smelly film.
What I did to fix this was wash my clothes with a specialty cleaner that is safe on my laundry yet effective on build up. I added extra clothes to the load so that the water level would be high enough to reach the bio-foam.

I also switched to a hot water wash. It is important to use the hot water setting every once in a while, because it has an easier time breaking up the residue your soaps leave behind.
Another thing I had to check was the drain pipe filter. It gets clogged with those residues too, and needed to be cleaned. Using hot water helps prevent the filter from getting too saturated as well.
Cleaning my clothes with a modified routine fixed my residue build up problem. The smell is gone. If it ever returns I'll know just what to do.

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