My Home is Clean How Do We Have Roaches?

When it comes to insects it’s hard to predict how they will get into your home. You may be asking yourself the question, my home is clean how do we have roaches? There are many answers to this since even the most cleanly of spaces can become infected. Although it might seem surprising, roaches can enter the house inside a grocery bag or a briefcase; is this wasn’t enough there’s also the possibility of inviting these intruders by introducing roach eggs unknowingly. There are a myriad of situations that make possible for this to happen; sometimes your neighbors might not care for cleaning their homes as much as you do.

Added to the aforementioned facts you should know that these creatures like to go out at night; for this reason when you see one of them it may a bit too late since by this time a colony may be installed at your home. Sometimes these insects are seeking for a warm place to stay and your house might seem just a perfect place for them to live. They may enter through pipes, doors and other open spaces. They can grow at a considerable size when they are adults. You might be tempted to believe they are only attracted to dirty places but this is not the case.

They are attracted to the smell of leftovers and the aroma of food. It’s surprising how much they can spread at a very rapid pace; the reason for this is that they don’t need much to live or survive. They only need a small amount of the following resources:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Warm shelter

as you may realize, your own environment is a suitable candidate to provide these elements. They are hard to eliminate and for this reason they have thrived for the last 320 million years. Chances are they will be around for a few hundred million years more. Of course you can avoid for them to live at your house through many means. They hide easily in cramped spaces such as behind picture frames, spaces in walls, under settings and a myriad of other places.

It is important to take the necessary steps to eliminate them since they may damage books and wallpapers, eat your own edible items and spread nasty germs to your household. One of their favorite places to stay is pantries and cupboards; as you can see, their presence is not your fault and outdoors and indoor measures should be taken in order to prevent their presence or to take measures it they are already at your home.


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