Make Your Fridge Bigger

When referring to making the refrigerator bigger, it is actually in relation to creating more space. Having more space in the fridge adds convenience, ease of retrieval, and the prevention of buying something you already have. When working on house cleaning tasks, organization is important. You refrigerator should also be on that list because you want to make things cleaner and more organized. Imagine utilizing the space wisely and preventing all those spills, all those lids getting loosened from bumping, all those drinks spilling onto other food items and costing you money. Organizing the fridge has many advantages. So here are some ideas to get you on your way to less messes, less spending, and quicker meal preparation.

Liquid and Food Storage Bins

Refrigerator storage bins are available for many items, including canned beverages, 2-liter drinks, fruits, and other items. Soda bins usually stack cans two high and the system rolls out the next can when one is removed. There is always a drink in front to grab when you want it. You can find them double wide too. Another bin is for fruits like oranges, tangerines, apples, etc. It acts as a chute so when one is removed, they continue moving down to the front for easy access. No more rolling out onto the floor when something is moved or when the door is opened.

You can also find bins that hold 2-liter beverages that let you stack them to save space. This gives you one-row access to several 2-liter beverages. It will also prevent knocking one over when trying to retrieve something, not to mention any spills or damage to other items that it can create.

Refrigerator Drawers

Most fridges have special drawers designed for particular items, such as vegetables, deli foods, etc. Use those drawers for those items. It is often a habit to simply use those drawers for anything. In fact, many fridges often rarely fill up those sections or in some cases, nothing but ketchup or restaurant sauce packets get put there. If you use those drawers for the specified purpose; you can save space. After a while, it will get easier to find what you want too because you and everyone else will know where things are.

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