Ideas to Make Your Old Washer and Dryer More Efficient for Cleaning Laundry

gskm-042114-dsc 8969-856You have put off purchasing a new washer and dryer for years. But, the savings on one end means higher energy costs on the other end. Is there a simple solution? In fact there are a few solutions to try. With these simple tips, not only will you get your clothes looking whiter and brighter, but you will also reduce total wash and dry cycle time, and your overall energy costs.

Wash a Full Load

When washing and drying, make sure you pack the machine. Don't over load it as this will result in the clothes not properly washing and drying and will defeat the purpose. Rather, make sure the machine is packed, while giving the clothes sufficient space to move around freely in the wash cycle. A full machine equals lower energy consumption.

Lower the temperatures

By simply lowering the water temperature for each wash cycle by ten degrees, you can also cut your energy bill by up to 10% each month as well. If there is an option to lower temperatures on the washer, and to dry with cold air on your dryer, use them whenever possible.

Use the dials

Many people simply select the auto set and wash, but this is generally for heavy loads and will take up more time than is generally required to wash and dry the clothes. Rather, if you can choose the option and time setting, use the dial and do so. If you can wash a smaller load in half the time, this will also help reduce overall energy bills.

There are a number of ways in which you can reduce energy consumption and costs. Doing these simple things will not only help cut on the energy bill, but will also help make your home a more efficient home, even with that older washer and dryer set in it.

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