How to Remove Mold from Surfaces in Your Home

ropa-color-1113fg-v-959Mold is not only a health hazard, but it can also really damageyour home and items in it. This is why you should make sure to remove mold as soon as its presence is noticed. Mold not only grows on porous walls and wooden surfaces. It can also thrive on clothing, books, and leather surfaces. Removing mold from these unusual materials may seem like a challenging task if it is not something that you have ever done before. However, it is not as hard as you may think.

Removing Mold from Clothing

Find a soft brush and use it to scrub off as much mold as you can. This should always be done outside to prevent the spread of mold to other places in the house. When you are done, soak the clothes in a vinegar solution for a few hours, and then wash it using a suitable stain removal detergent. Put the clothing in a sunny place to dry.

Removing Mold from Books and Paper

Start by making sure that the affected books and papers are dry. If they are not already dry, you should put them in a properly ventilated area so that they can dry up. Once they are dry, take them outside and try to wipe out as much mold as possible. Next, dip a soft cloth in a soap solution and wring it as much as you can. Use it to wipe off the remaining spots.

Removing Mold from Leather

Take the item outside and use a soft brush to scrub off as much mold as possible.Dip a cloth in an equal mixture of denatured alcohol and water and use it to wipe the affected areas of the leather. If you can’t find denatured alcohol, you can use saddle soap. When you are done, wipe the affected areas and put the leather in an open area to dry.

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