How to Destroy Yellow Jackets

sivuch2777-120813-timo5When yellow jackets build nests in, on, or near your home they become a danger to you and your family. They will gather food when they can and sting you and other people in your home if they feel threatened. Unlike the honey bees, yellow jackets are extremely active and aggressive, and can sting multiple times. They are easily provoked. Even though these insects are beneficial to the environment, you have to keep them under control around your home. Fortunately, you can use yellow jacket insecticide to successfully eliminate them.

Proper Use of Yellow Jacket Insecticides

There are many products made specifically for yellow jackets. Yellow jacket insecticides will help you eradicate them so that you can remove the nest from your home or property. One nest can contain over 3000 yellow jackets, so it is very important to use extreme caution when attempting to eliminate them.You should wear protective clothing such as a gas mask when spraying yellow jacket killer because they contain harmful toxic compounds. Here are some other precautions that you should take when using yellow jacket insecticides:

Apply at temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit

Yellow jackets are reluctant to fly when temperatures are cooler. That is why at 50 degrees Fahrenheit and lower temperature is the best time to kill. Therefore, spring and fall are often the optimum times to treat yellow jacket nests.

Apply at night

Yellow jackets do not see well, so chances of being stung are greatly reduced at night. Go with a flashlight and direct its light away from the nest. Also, the entire colony is in the nest at night.

Wear protective clothing

You should wear clothing that protects you from stinging by the wasps. Make sure that all parts of your body are covered. A hat with a veil will allow you to see while protecting your face from stinging.

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