How to Avoid Common Mistakes Dealing with Kids and Medicine Safety

gskm-042114-pills scene-3-1095Sometimes, parents or caregivers are partly to blame when their children get into life threatening situations after taking medicine that they are not supposed to take. Medicine is poisonous if the wrong dose is ingested. To children, especially the ones who are very young, everything may seem like food. When they find carelessly kept medicine, they will consume it without thinking. As a parent or caregiver, there are certain things that you should never do if you don’t want to be running to the emergency room because one of the children in your home has taken medicine that they were not supposed to take.

Refer to Medicine as Candy

Your little ones take everything you say seriously. Sometimes parents may refer to medicine as candy to make their kids want to take it. However, if you refer to medicine as candy, even once, they will always believe that it is candy. Resist the urge to refer to medicine using any other name other than its real name.

Fail to Educate Your Children about Medicine

By failing to educate your children about medicines, they will not know of the life-threatening dangers they pose. Your children should know exactly what medicine is, as well as how dangerous they can be. Make sure they understand why they need it when you give it, as well as why they should never use it without you giving it to them.

Forget to lock the cabinet where you put your medicine

Leaving medicines out and accessible by your children is often the biggest mistake in medicine safety. Children with access to medicines may take them even if you have warned them not to. Make sure that you do not ever leave medicines where they will be easily accessible by your children. Putting them away in a locked cabinet is the best option to eliminate unwanted access.

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