Aromatherapy can be defined as the use of either essential oils or aromatic plant extracts for treatment and/or massage in order to achieve both physical as well as psychological well-being. There are various types of aromatherapy such as clinical aromatherapy, aromatology, cosmetic aromatherapy and aromatherapy massage.

Massage aromatherapy uses essential oils which are mixed with the lotion before being rubbed into the skin. Aromatology does not involve using of massage but uses oils. Cosmetic aromatherapy involves the use of different essential oils for skin and hair treatment.

Aromatherapy for your home comes in various versions. They include:

Essential Oil Warmers

With this type of home aromatherapy, you warm the essential oils using oil warmer. The warmer can be either candle-lit or electric. As the oil warms gradually, the aroma disperses slowly throughout the room.

Essential Oil Room Diffusers

Essential Oil diffusers come in handy more often when we do not want to use either candle-lit or electric warmers. These essential oil diffusers aid in slowly diffusing the essential oils aroma throughout the room making the room smell nice.

Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatic candles always come in handy in creating not only an aromatic room but also a cool and calm or serene environment. It also comes in handy particular from a financial point of view since the candles are relatively cheap compared to the others means.

Aromatherapy Body Sprays

Aromatherapy body sprays also provide a means of making your home environment aromatic. They are portable and can be carried whenever desired. They can also be sprayed on your clothing or even your beddings such as the pillow hence is multipurpose.

Bath Oils and Sprays

Adding bath salts that have a blend oil essentials oils in your tub will create an aromatic home environment spa. The aroma will slowly diffuse throughout the room making the home a great scent.

This variety of products gives you a chance to pamper yourself with aromatic and serene home environment by enabling you to create aromatherapy for your home.

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