Get Control of Allergens in Your Home

84-1013tm-cart-electronicsIndoor allergens, such as dust mites, mold, and pet dander, can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms in many of allergy sufferers. These allergens are carried through the air, finding their way onto floors, furniture, and other surfaces.  While it is unlikely that a home can be completely free of allergens, thorough and regular cleaning can help to keep them in check. The following tips can help you minimize indoor allergens in your home and allow you to breathe easier:

Vacuum Twice Weekly

Using asthma-friendly, certified vacuums that have been proven through research can help to control dust and keep allergens and keep them to a minimum. Poor-quality vacuums are counter-productive as they can blow dust back into the air. To be safe, you may want to wear a mask when cleaning.

Avoiding Mold Spores 

Reduce dampness around your kitchen, bathroom, and other water areas of your home to keep mold from thriving in your home. Limit yourself to keeping just a few house plants, look for leaks and other causes of dampness and fix them, clean moldy surfaces, and use air purifiers to help reduce mold spores and dust mites from floating around. 

Avoiding Airborne Allergens

It is essential that your dust at least once or twice per week. When you dust you should use a damp cloth to avoid simply stirring dust around the room instead of cleaning. You can also prevent pollen from entering your home by keeping doors and windows closed, especially during high pollen seasons.  

The above tips will help you keep allergens to a minimum in your home. However, if you would like to hire a maid service to help you with your cleaning then do not hesitate to contact The Maids of Plainfield, in Illinois to assist you!


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