Four Ways to Organize Your Shoes

gsappp-img-3101-120213It is important for shoes to be organized. This not only keeps the house tidy, but also ensures that when they are needed they can be found without much hassle. Below are some clever tips to organizing shoes:

Organize by Style

In case you like wearing different kinds of shoes like pumps, boots, or flats, etc., you may want to have your shoes organized according to style. This allows you to go straight to the style you want to wear for the day and not having to rummage through lots of pairs of shoes. You can also take it a step further and organize shoes of a similar style by color.


If your space permits, adding some shelves to your closet will create even more storage for your shoes. It also frees up more floor space you can then use for other things.

Hanging Shoe Storage

This is a good option for shoe storage if you have limited space. You can find a hanging shoe rack at most home goods stores, and they are relatively inexpensive.

Shoe Rack

You can also purchase a shoe rack or racks if necessary. However, you have to make sure to there will be enough space to accommodate all of your shoes. Most of shoe racks are easily hung on a wall. On average, a shoe rack can hold up to 20 pairs.

With these simple tips you should have your shoes organized in no time! And if you would like assistance with your other home cleaning needs, contact The Maids of Plainfield in Illinois who would be happy to help.

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