Five Important Medicine Safety Tips for Children

1065-101413-gs1065If you do not incorporate the right safety measures, medicines can be extremely dangerous for children. The best way to ensure the safety of your child is to keep all over-the-counter and prescription drugs out of both their sight and reach. Use the following tips:

1. Keep all medicines out of sight of children

Ensure that all medicines as well as vitamins are kept not only out of your kids’ reach but also where they cannot see the medication. If they cannot see it, they cannot figure a way of getting it. But if they see the medication but cannot get to it, they may develop some ideas of how to get to them.

2. Educate your child one medicine safety

Teach your child on what a medicine is and tell them that only adults give it to children. Explain to them that only sick people take medicines and not healthy ones. Also, inform them of the negative consequences of taking medicine they don’t need, or taking too much medicine. If they know this early, they are unlikely to touch it even if you accidentally leave it where they can reach it.

3. Ask your guests to practice medicine safety

In certain situations childrenmay rummage through bags, coats and purses of visitors or houseguests and get medicines. Ask your visitors or houseguests to keep their medicines not only up but also away from children. Also, ensure that your purse, coat or bag containing medicines is kept safely away from children.

4. Make use of the dosing device

Proper dosing, especially for kids, is very important. While some people use spoons to administer dosages, spoons are not of the same sizes. The best way to determine the correct dosage is to use a measuring device. This will prevent potentially fatal dosing errors from occurring.

5. Keep emergency numbers posted in conspicuous place

You should write all necessary emergency numbers down and post them on your refrigerator or in another conspicuous place where it can easily be seen by babysitters and other family members. You can also call the poison help line to ask questions with regard to how to give or take medicines.

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