Excuses We Use to Keep our Clutter

Spring arrives and immediately our minds wander into the romantic idea of the perfect home with wide open windows, letting the crisp breeze and sunshine invade our clean and tidy world. But this is far from the reality of the clutter we accumulate on regular basis and fail to understand how it arrives in our lives. Here are the top 3 excuses we use to keep our clutter and therefore the excuses we use to avoid that nice feeling of spring we could actually enjoy all year long.

"We might need that later"

From out of fashion clothes to instruction manuals for electrical equipment you don't even own anymore, we fear that letting go of old stuff would bring us a moment of regret in the future. However, very few people using this excuse think of the many times that they could have used the clear space for something truly productive or satisfying. A spare bedroom full of old toys and boxed items might be the space needed to study, run a home business or develop a new amazing idea.

"We are still using it"

Very often people believe to be using everything that is cluttering their space simply because they become used to see it around them. Just moving clutter around does not count as using. If you make a rough calculation of the amount of space that becomes available by removing clutter altogether, you will be amazed of how much space you actually would have. As a simple experiment you can take a very small area you can recognize as clutter and put all the stuff somewhere else. There is no doubt that you will immediately become aware of the great difference that clear space can make.

"That's worth something; we can make some money if we hold on to it"

In spite of the successful stories of people finding little treasures in the attic and compulsive e-bay sellers the sad truth is that clutter is unlikely to bring value. In fact, the more we possess the less likely we are to appreciate it. It becomes a matter of quantity over quality and therefore not necessarily profitable.
If these three excuses did not apply to you, then you should ask yourself what's your excuse to keep your clutter.

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