Effective Ways to Create a House Cleaning Schedule for Daily & Weekly Tasks

For home maintenance chores to be done effectively, there must be a plan in place. House cleaning is an endeavor that must be done on either daily or weekly basis, depending what needs to be cleaned. There is no way you can forego tidiness in your home, though having house cleaning services can help.

If you’re stressed out about cleaning, relax! All you need is house cleaning schedule that will guide you through. Here is how to come up with an effective and reliable schedule for house cleaning:

1. Write Down a Master Task List

It is a must to know what, when, and where to clean. To do this, you will have to do a thorough assessment of your home. Every room should have its specific cleaning needs. The occupants of the house also determine how the house cleaning schedule should be; for instance, a family of five members will not have the same needs as that of a single parent with a child.

2. Master List Analysis

By now, you have a complete list of what needs to be cleaned, and now you need to choose between the duration of cleaning. For example, tasks that can be done on daily basis include: wiping the countertops, collecting leftovers from the kitchen and throwing them in the dustbin, making beds, and sorting mail. Weekly tasks could include: disinfecting the microwave, dusting the kitchen and book shelves, laundry work, paying bills, cleaning the toilet, and many more. 

3. Job Division

If you have kids, it’s a brilliant idea to include them in the cleaning chores. When they are from school, before they do their homework, they can do simple tasks they are familiar with. Of course, the tasks that fit for them will depend on your family and household needs as well as what tasks other family members will handle.

4. House Cleaning Schedule Print

The last step will be to get a copy of a complete schedule. Anyone who has been mentioned in the schedule should have his/her own copy. Homeowners should have the copies at a visible place where it will catch everyone’s eyesight as they walk inside the house. The house cleaning schedule should have room for changes as needed.

There will be no hindrance when it comes to house cleaning tasks because you’ll know when, what and where needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning services like The Maids Plainfield in Plainfield, Illinois, can help keep everything under control when your hands are full—it’s easy to get overwhelmed with family and work, and having a little extra help is often the perfect solution!

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