7 Cleaning DYI Tips

Over the years we have been working with many people and met tons of different personalities. Some were fun and outgoing, others were very busy and career-orienteered, some had big families, and others had pets. Although, all of our clients are different there is one thing that they have in common – lack of time for cleaning their houses. Although all of them are using services of professional cleaners, most of them still like to maintain cleanness of their home in between our visits. To help them (and you!) to upkeep with the cleaning routine we have created a list of some easy DIY cleaning tips.

1. Keeping handy cleaning products

These are items that are mostly used in cleaning around the use. Always having the products within reach ensure that you are able to handle stains and spills as soon as they occur. These products include Hydrogen peroxide, Ammonia, vinegar, Isopropyl alcohol, absorbent sponges and wash clothes.

2. React to stains as soon as they occur

Cleaning stains immediately they happen is much easier than waiting for them to dry up. Letting the stain dry might result to a stain patch after cleaning which may never go away. Food stains can be covered with salt to prevent them from setting in as you prepare cleaning up.

3. Do not rub the stain or dirt

When cleaning, most people tend to rub on the area being cleaned. This is however not advisable especially when cleaning cloth items. One is advised to lightly dab the area with a washcloth or paper towel. Dubbing blots the washcloth ensuring the stain is being pulled away from the surface and further into the surface.

4. Choose the right cleaning product

Different kinds of dirt on different surfaces respond differently to different cleaning products. Having the right product ensures ease in cleaning and also makes sure the condition of the item being cleaned is maintained. The wrong product can destroy the item putting it in a worse state than with the dirt on.

5. Do not force dirt off

Sometimes after cleaning, the desired results may not be achieved. Do not try to force patches left behind as the surface or item may be entirely ruined.

6. Let surfaces dry well after cleaning

If after cleaning a surface is not well dried, it is more prone to attract dirt again.

Stains, spills, and odor are all inevitable. They may occur on floors, furniture, walls, and clothes. This process sometimes is beyond our capability and thus the help of a professional is required. The cleaning services use technology and great skills in housekeeping and are therefore more equipped to deal with such situations.

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